Feeling stiff, achy or in pain?

Discover the revitalising and  healing nature of pandiculation.


Find the urge to move

Tone your vagus nerve

Calm aches and pains


Restore suppleness 


When did you last pandiculate? 

Pandiculation is one of nature’s homeostatic blueprints.  
Described as “a stretch and yawn response”. It’s less like a stretch and more of an expanding and unwinding motion. Nourishing and nurturing you from the inside out.
The urge arises after rest, sleep, or when you've been inactive. Dogs, cats, and new-born babies pandiculate often.
Trauma, lack of movement, habitual movement and chronic stress prevent you from finding the urge.
Reconnect with your intuitive sense, the SomaSensing way. To heal the way nature intended. 
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Learn how to tune into fascia as a felt sense.


Fascia is your fabric of embodiment. The largest sensory organ of your body. Shaped by your moods, emotions, movement, or lack of movement. Postural strain, chronic pain and inflammation reflecting a nervous system in dysregulation. Stuck in a trauma response.

Learn how to tune into fascia, with somatic awareness. Explore this fabric with curiosity as you move to the nature of your design to reset your nervous system. 


Move the way your were born to.

Learned movement patterns that target individual muscles and body parts prevent you from connecting with your original design.  Discover a sense of oneness. How  “everything connects to everything”. Move one part and the whole body moves.   When you connect with the efficient nature of your design;

  • It feels effortless
  • Thers is no risk of incorrect alignment or body position.
  • No need for strengthening or stabilising “the core”.
  • Connects body and mind as a whole.

Whole body healing

Pandiculation gets to areas a stretch just can’t get to. Whilst calming inflammation.  Like an inner massage, your body finds movements that soothe and nourish you. Unwinding, coaxing, pulsing whole body movements. Just 10 minutes a day can restore the spring in your step.

✔ Relieve back pain

✔ Restore a healthy function of the pelvic floor

✔ Calm inflammation

✔ Ease fibromyalgia

✔ Restore the integrity of the psoas

✔ Improves breathing

✔ Restore suppleness without strain

✔ Improve elasticity and fascial resilience

 ✔ Get moving in ways you never thought you could


Hey there!

I'm Yasmin Lambat. The founder of SomaSensing. Connecting you to your original self.  Before moving this way, I moved the way I was taught to.  Whether it was fitness, Pilates or Yoga training.  Compartmentalising different practices.

Until I learned how to tap into my body’s original movement blueprints. The  ones that as  children we find intuitively when nurtured. Once felt, I could no longer move in ways I had been taught.

This pandiculation course is based on what I found intuitively. Whilst tuning into fascia as a felt sense.

Tune in to heal


Offer ends 1st May 2022

  • 14 easy to follow lessons 
  • 10 short videos
  • 4 audio sessions
  • Access for 6 months


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